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What are access control systems? As the name suggests, this term refers to any way that people can get through a door. At its most basic level, this can be as simple as using a manual lock and key system to limit access to a protected area. While this might be fine when there are only a limited number of users, it opens up a whole world of problems when there are too many keyholders or protected areas. On the one hand, it can be extremely annoying for people to keep having to lock and unlock multiple doors to get where they are going. On the other, having a large number of keys increases the risk of one going missing, and your whole security system will then be compromised. That’s why our access control systems Glasgow are the ideal choice for your business- they make everything convenient without undermining security.

Instead of a key, our door entry systems use access cards that can be customised for each individual user. This gives you complete control over who can access which areas, and means people can get where they need with a simple swipe. You can even allow users access to specific doors at certain times or days of the week if necessary- this really is a fully comprehensive security system.


Commercial Door Entry Systems Glasgow

As well as being much more convenient, access cards also have the edge when it comes to security. If a key goes missing, then the only way you can be absolutely sure no one else can get into your property is to get the locks changed. This can be an expensive, time-consuming process, and until you can get a locksmith out, your property will be insecure. It also means you will have to re-issue keys to everyone who has access to those doors. The next time someone loses their key, you will have to go through the whole process again- surely there has to be a better option?

Luckily, access cards offer the perfect solution to this problem. They can be reset with just a few clicks on the computer, so you will only have to issue a new card to the person who lost theirs. Full security is therefore restored as soon as the problem is reported, so you won’t be putting your business at risk of theft. You even have the option of cameras that start recording each time an access card is used or a door is forced open- so you can always keep track of exactly who is going where.

SSH Fire and Security are specialists in installing and maintaining door entry systems, and can easily come up with a custom system to suit your unique needs. Get in touch today, and we’ll be happy to discuss what we have to offer in more detail.

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It’s time to take a more effective, user-friendly approach to your commercial security system- and our door entry technology is the best way to do just that. Our expert installers will work with you to create a custom system that meets your exact requirements and delivers the results you need within your budget. As accredited technicians, you can be certain that they will offer the best advice, and can install your new access control system perfectly. We even offer a FREE, no-obligation survey to all prospective customers, to help you make the right decision with your security systems.

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