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Commercial Access Control Systems Glasgow

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Although access control systems are mainly used to secure potential target areas from non-authorised personnel in the workplace, increasingly access control of door entry systems Glasgow is being driven by health and safety considerations to protect staff from outsiders who may try to gain access to the workplace to commit theft or violence against them.

This requirement often extends to an area of the workplace remote from the main areas of work and whilst remote access CCTV coverage may discourage criminal behaviour as it can record and display events, it cannot prevent them. The use of access control however can help prevent an occurrence in the first place.

Commercial Door Entry Systems Glasgow

Door and gate entry systems can be of a mechanical access control type using coded keypads but, more commonly, are of the proximity card type as access can be easily controlled in response to changing staff authority levels without the need to advise all relevant staff of changed access codes.

Improved technology and reduced cost has brought the use of the latest electronic access control techniques within the budgets of smaller applications rather than just being restricted to the large commercial and industrial premises of corporate users.

The universal use of computers in the workplace is making the use of biometric access control and protection of remote sites using IP based access control systems a viable option at smaller installations.

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