Door Entry Systems (Access Control)

Door Entry Systems Glasgow (Access Control)

Door Entry Systems Glasgow

Door Entry systems (Access Control) in its most basic form is the use of a manual lock and key system to limit access to a protected area. With a low number of trusted users this is fine, however when there are too many keyholders and/or there are too many protected areas and sub-areas, the benefits of door entry systems Glasgow shine through.

Instead of a key, an access card (tag or token) is issued to the user that can be cancelled as soon as he or she reports it lost, therefore security is restored at the soonest possible point in time. With manual locking systems security can not be restored until the cylinder is replaced and keys re-issued to all those who have access to the appropriate doors.

If the manual locking system is ‘keysuited’ several cylinders and keys may have to replaced, this may takes days, it will be an administration nightmare, it will be costly, and most importantly will be insecure until the work is complete. Worse still is the knowledge that the same thing could happen in the following days or weeks.

Door entry systems Glasgowl allows complete flexibility so that users can be allowed access on specified doors at specified times on specified days. Events are generated every time an access card is used or a door is forced or held open both live on screen or tailored by a specific search for use after the event.

SSH Fire and Security are specialists in installing and maintaining door entry systems.

Remote Access

Our door entry system and the internet have made it possible to administer, monitor, and control systems remotely from anywhere in the world on an unlimited number of sites with access control doors on them.

Besides these systems we have customers who already have installed other manufacturers equipment that we are happy to maintain in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.

Ordinarily doors on an access control system would be secured by an electric lock or release, in addition to this Lee Security also install pedestrian barrier systems both physical and optical, and indeed automated gates.

Audio and Video Entry Systems

SSHFAS are able to supply, install, service and maintain a wide and comprehensive range of audio and video entry systems. In most domestic environments door entry systems Glasgow allow you to control access to your premises, whilst not having to face callers directly or to climb flights of stairs, just to open a door.

There are two basic types of entry systems:

Audio entry systems
Audio entry systems will allow you to speak to callers before you let them in, either by physically opening the door yourself, or releasing the door from the convenience of a remote location via an electric release mechanism.

Video entry systems
Video entry systems provide you with the same features as an audio system, however it will also display images of callers for increased security.

Door Entry Systems Glasgow

Protect your property – speak to our specialists. If you have specific security requirements, or simply want to learn more about the services we provide across Glasgow, our team can walk you through your options. Our accreditation’s ensure that our proven technologies are installed to the very latest standards. Choose the experts in Door Entry Systems Glasgow.