Fire Alarms

Fire Alarms Glasgow

Fire Alarms Glasgow

Requirements for fire detection are increasing. We can supply and fit fire alarms systems either as an integral part of your SHH Fire and Security Alarm or as a separate fire alarm system, which is designed and installed. We will also work to the exacting requirements of any fire risk assessment as well as being able to provide fire risk assessments ourselves. If you have an existing fire alarm system, we can offer a free survey to takeover your system or upgrade it if required.

We can design, install, commission, maintain and monitor a full range of systems as well as supplying, fitting and maintaining fire extinguishers. If you require fire protection for your home, business or any other premises, SSH Fire and Security can provide you a free, no obligation survey or if you require a more detailed Fire Risk Assessment, we also offer this service.

Fire Alarms Hardware

Business Premises
Fires occurring in the workplace can have a severe impact on your business leading to serious financial consequences including loss of trade and vital information.

Are you aware of your responsibilities? If you employ five or more people the law has changed. The Regulatory Reform Order transfers Fire Safety responsibility to employers or owners of non domestic premises. SSH Fire and Security can carry out Fire Risk Assessments of your property or give you a free of charge, no obligation survey to takeover or upgrade your existing system or install a new fire alarms Glasgow.

Fire Risk Assessment

The fire certificates that were once issued by the Fire Brigade are now redundant and have been replaced by new fire safety regulations as outlined in ‘The Regulatory Reform Order 2006’.

The regulations state that every business must have a documented fire risk assessment in place and it is to be completed by a competent person/company. It is also stipulated by many insurance companies as a prerequisite to validating insurance policies. This will ensure that your company is compliant with current regulations and insured against asset loss.

The most dramatic reduction in fire loss is achieved from a combination of both fire risk assessments and the utilisation of an accompanying systems are available in a variety of styles from small conventional to multi loop panels. At SSH Fire and Security no system is too small or too large. Whether your premises are domestic, commercial or industrial, SSH Fire and Security have a product that will be designed for your situation.

Domestic Fire Alarms Glasgow

Fire safety in the home and workplace is increasingly a matter of concern to many local authorities. However, where appropriate fire protection has been installed, the risk of injury, loss of life and damage to property is greatly reduced.

In the home the dangers of fire are extremely serious; however simple precautions can be very effective. SSH Fire and Security can give you a free survey to advise what the fire hazards are in your home?

An appropriate fire extinguisher for your kitchen and garage can tackle small fires and a simple smoke detection system will provide early warning of a fire and may enable evacuation before the fire takes hold

Wireless Fire Alarms Glasgow

Wireless fire alarms are a simple solution to protect your property because there is no need for any hard wiring in your property.
Wireless fire alarms Glasgow are easy to use especially if you are dealing with a property where you don’t have the resources to install a full addressable alarm, or there are difficulties in installing any other system.

A wireless fire alarm will protect your assets, is easy to install, and if you plan to move or do any remodelling a wireless system is perfect for you. Wireless alarms are also an ideal option for listed buildings, where cable runs would look unsightly. It is also recommended with wireless systems that batteries for every device are replaced approximately every five years.