CCTV Installation

CCTV Installation Glasgow

CCTV Installation Glasgow

From identifying visitors at your front door to observing the entry points around your home, SSH can provide a CCTV Installation Glasgow that will meet with all your requirements.

High Quality CCTV Systems

Our CCTV systems, which generally provide wide angle views, are installed using high quality cameras and lenses that will allow you to see a good clear colour picture during the day and a black and white image at night, by means of the cameras built-in LED automatic lighting system.

Digitally Recorded
When this system is then connected to a Digital Video Recording unit and displayed on a colour monitor, reviewing the recorded images is easily achieved at the touch of a button.

A basic system for home, which is generally hard-wired, may comprise of one to four cameras, with all the necessary mains power supply units, a digital video recording unit, which is usually positioned in the same room as your home computer, and a 15 or 17 inch colour monitor. Contact SSH Fire and Security for the right CCTV Installation Glasgow

Video Surveillance
Our systems are often designed with the installation of external quality colour camera positioned at high level on each of the four corners of the property. The internal colour monitor, which is connected to the DVR unit, is then configured to show all four pictures at the same time allowing the system to provide views of the approach to your home, the main front door, the rear kitchen door area and a general view of the rear garden.

Custom Designs
Consideration always has to be given to the ambient background lighting levels in any area that is being monitored by a camera. Our surveyor will make an assessment of the lighting conditions at the design stage of our proposal which will then determine the camera type and lens that we recommend for your installation and whether or not the area being viewed requires additional lighting.

Advanced Functionality
Exceptionally high quality systems, capable of facial recognition and PTZ cameras which automatically patrol the perimeter of your property (providing effective 24 hour surveillance), are available along with our custom design service.

Whilst the DVR is crucial to the monitoring and operational effectiveness of any CCTV system, the actual quality of the image recorded is totally dependant on the selection of the correct camera and lens with some thought given to the background lighting.

Choose the right CCTV Installation Glasgow

Before installing a CCTV system our surveyor should have a clear idea of what you want the system to do. This should include the view that you want the camera to see. This may be simply be to recognise the face of someone approaching your front door, or to provide a wide angle view of where your car is parked.

CCTV Installation Glasgow

Protect your property – speak to our specialists. If you have specific security requirements, or simply want to learn more about the services we provide across Glasgow, our team can walk you through your options. Our accreditation’s ensure that our proven technologies are installed to the very latest standards. Choose the expert CCTV Installation Glasgow has to offer.