Domestic Services

If you’re looking for the very best domestic fire and security systems around, then you’ve come to the right place. SSH Fire and Security are the number one choice to meet all your needs and install products that you can really count on to keep your family and property safe at all times. We provide the very latest fire and security technology, and not only will we carry out all the installation work for you, but we also offer a fully comprehensive maintenance service as well. We really go the extra mile to give our domestic customers an unparalleled service!

Intruder Alarms

A break-in at home is many people’s worst nightmare. However, with SSH Fire and Security’s advanced intruder alarm systems, you can be certain that your property is always protected. We offer a wide range of different options, from basic audio-only systems to ones that are monitored 24 hours a day by our NSI-approved Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). That means we’ve got something to suit every budget, and all of our intruder alarms meet the highest industry recommendations. Work with SSH, and you can be sure that your security system will never let you down.

Closed Circuit TV Systems

As well as intruder alarms, it’s also a smart idea to fit a CCTV system in your home. That way, should anyone manage to break in, you will have video footage that the police can then use to catch the culprit. Again, there are a whole range of different CCTV options offered by SSH Fire and Security. We have small one-camera, one-monitor solutions that are extremely cost-effective, or alternatively, you can choose one of our more advanced multi-camera options. These include Digital Video Recorders and remote monitoring from an ARC or Internet viewing- meaning they offer the ultimate in home protection. With our CCTV systems, you can rest assured that your home has a close eye kept on it, 24 hours a day.

Door Entry Systems (Access Control)

If you really care about the security of your home, then a standard lock just isn’t going to cut it. Not only are they relatively easy to break into, but it’s also possible for experienced criminals to crack them open in as little as a few seconds. Instead, you should consider fitting your home with one of our door entry systems for an added layer of protection. Not only are they extremely secure, but they are also convenient to use, too. From intercoms to full-colour video screens, our door entry systems allow you to instantly tell who’s at the door and let them in remotely.

Fire Alarms

If there’s a fire in your home, then time really is of the essence. Not only will a fire alarm ensure that everyone can quickly get to safety, but it could also make all the difference when it comes to saving your property and belongings. By remotely alerting the fire brigade as soon as a fire is detected, our fire alarms will ensure help is on the scene as quickly as possible. They can even enable you to get a better deal on your insurance, so in some instances, our fire alarms can actually pay for themselves. Either way, they are a great way of getting some peace of mind and knowing that if the worst happens, you and your family will be able to get out of harm’s way fast.