Why Is My Intruder Alarm Going off Randomly?

Sensors Being Tripped

Why Is My Intruder Alarm Going off Randomly?

February 15, 2019 10:00 am Published by

Home alarms going off when there is no danger present can be a real nuisance and, in many cases, incredibly unnerving. The causes can vary from errors of our own to faults within the wiring, but in any case, it can be a real help to understand why things might be going off unexpectedly.

In this article, we’ll give a quick outline of some of the most common causes for false alarms when it comes to burglar alert systems.

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Top Three Reasons Your Burglar Alarm Is Going off Randomly

If your alarm is malfunctioning and bleeping when nothing has tripped it, there are five more common reasons:

  • The system is poorly or incorrectly installed or maintained
  • Pets/bugs/balloons trip the sensors
  • Doors/windows are not shut properly

Poor Quality Installation and Maintenance

The first thing to consider is that the thing causing the alarm to trip might not be an accident or ‘random’ event; it could well be a fundamental flaw in the system itself.

For example, if the system itself has not been installed properly, then it is only a matter of time before a fault takes place. There are many companies out there that will rush through jobs, leaving behind something that looks functional on the outside but is not fit-for-purpose inside.

It might be that they have placed sensors in locations which are far from ideal, or even not calibrated properly. They might also have not connected the wiring within the mains box correctly, creating a timebomb that will eventually cause the alarm to go off.

However, even if the alarm system has been installed to a fine standard, without proper maintenance a malfunction is inevitable.

A huge number of things can break down and dilapidate over time, and without scheduling in a professional to come in and carry out check-ups you are putting your home security system at significant risk.

From broken sensors to dead batteries and even detached wires, home alarms are robust but if they are neglected for years eventually something will break.

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Sensors Being Tripped

It is important to keep in mind that sensors are designed to detect movement, not necessarily humans. No matter what moves in front of the sensor, if it is set up on alarm then it is going to set the entire system off.

One of the biggest offenders comes in the form of pets. Although we can calibrate sensors to accommodate households with pets running around, the system isn’t entirely fool proof.

If your cat, dog, or any other animal within the house is likely to climb up on furniture above floor level, there is a chance they will trigger the alarm.

Sensors Being Tripped

Similarly, although bugs and insects are absolutely tiny in comparison to a human, on rare occasions they can still trigger the alarm. This is because they might crawl across the sensor, making themselves much bigger relatively, triggering the alarm.

Lastly, many people will leave helium balloons around the home after a party. These tend to drift and will trigger the alarm when passing a sensor.

Unsecured Doors and Windows

A very common cause of a tripped alarm is an unsecured door or window. Although they might not trip the alarm immediately after you set it, eventually they might open further and trigger a motion sensor.

This might happen immediately after you put the alarm on if the window or door is lying noticeably open, but if there is a delay then it might be only slight.

If your alarm goes off randomly and the thing causing it is not obvious, then make sure to check that all of the alarmed windows and doors are properly shut and locked.

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Alarms going off randomly are not only a nuisance, but it can affect your home security system in two key ways; it might be evidence of another fault which can affect its ability to alert for intruders, and it might cause neighbours, or even you, to not take a genuine intruder alert seriously.

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