Why Discouraging Burglars Is Often Enough

Why Discouraging Burglars Is Often Enough

April 19, 2019 10:00 am Published by

The harsh truth about security is that if a burglar wants to get into a building, they will. Given enough time, and with enough effort, just about anyone can get through a window or door. However, even with this in mind, security can still very easily protect your home from crime.

In this blog article, we are going to explain why taking security measures will offer thorough protection for your home regardless of whether a burglar ‘could’ overcome it.

How Effective Are Security Measures?

It is no secret that many defensive measures that you take within your home are not ‘fool proof’. Consider, for example, double-glazed glass; it is difficult to get through and will give burglars trouble, but at the end of the day with enough time and effort they will get through.

How Effective Are Security Measures?

However, that is not the role of double-glazing per se. It is not there to be a force field that will not ever smash. It is there to make things more difficult for the burglar and make them think twice about whether or not this is the house that they want to target for the crime.

Consider a single-glazing window. You can literally put your elbow through it, or throw something through it. The glass will smash, and it might alert someone, or it might just be ignored entirely. Double-glazing, on the other hand, will withstand blow after blow causing significant noise and disruption.

As you can imagine, easily-breachable single-glaze windows are a much more attractive sight for burglars looking for a low-risk target. This is the key to home security; anything that shows you are taking security seriously will help to make sure burglars and thieves look elsewhere to steal from.

Becoming the Least Attractive Burglary Target

When you speak to just about any burglar or thief about why they would pick specific targets, or what targets they preferred, they consistently say that they do not want to go for high-risk targets. In other words, properties that take their security seriously aren’t good targets.

What this means is, your property doesn’t have to be impenetrable – it only has to be less attractive than the other houses or businesses around you.

Imagine you are a burglar approaching a street with three homes. One of the houses has an alarm box outside, double-glazing, CCTV cameras, and a security light. Another house has single-glazing windows as well as an alarm box. The last house looks to have single-glazing and no sign of an alarm. Which house would you target hoping to get in and out without being discovered?

As you can imagine, one of these houses appears to be a much easier job due to the fact they just are not taking security seriously, and any burglar can be in and out in minutes without alerting anyone to their presence.

The question remains, then, how can SSH help?

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At SSH Fire & Security we provide security measures that can offer comprehensive defence against burglars, thieves, and general crime. From alarms that will alert the police or surrounding neighbours to the crime, or indeed cameras that will record the whole ordeal, we will provide a robust solution to potential corruption.

However, as you can see from this article, they aren’t always necessary. A show of force that tells criminals that you aren’t an easy target is generally enough to encourage them to go elsewhere where they are at less risk of being caught.

Give us a call, and our security experts will visit your property and provide a tailored security solution that will provide comprehensive and effective protection against crime. Our quotations are all customised for each individual clients to ensure maximum effectiveness.

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