Top Three Causes of Fire

Check Your Fire Alarms

Top Three Causes of Fire

August 10, 2018 10:00 am Published by

Between October of 2016 and 2017, the British Fire Service attended around 30,000 domestic fires within the UK. This is a significant number of homes and shows how easy it is for fire to strike.

While fires can begin for a vast number of reasons and it is difficult to guarantee that an accident which results in fire will never take place. Nonetheless, by remaining vigilant, you can give you, your family, and your home the best chance of avoiding disaster.

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The Three Biggest Causes of Fire

An important factor in defending against fire hazards is to recognise the most likely sources. In domestic settings, there are a number of problems which are the biggest offenders when it comes to leading to domestic fires. These are:

  • Cooking Appliances (49%)
  • Other Electrical Appliances (13%)
  • Smoker’s Material (6%)

The Three Biggest Causes of Fire

Cooking Appliances

With just under 50% of ‘dwelling fires’ being caused by cooking appliances, this is by far the most common cause of domestic fires in the UK. By taking significant steps to increase your fire safety in the kitchen, you can have a considerable impact on the likelihood that a blaze will break out in your home.

Firstly, you should never leave frying food unattended in the kitchen. Grease fires are by far the most common cause of critical kitchen fires. When you are frying food with an open flame, remain in the kitchen and keep a close eye until you are finished.

In fact, while cooking at all, try to remain in the kitchen as much as possible. If you are preparing a huge pot of something for hours and hours, you will naturally need to leave it alone. However, make sure that nothing flammable is left near the flame and check on it regularly.

Smokers’ Materials

Smoker’s materials make up a total of 6% of dwelling fires in the UK. This includes things like cigarettes, cigars, and pipe tobacco.

One of the most eye-opening features of this statistic is that smokers’ materials made 36% of fatalities, compared to only 8% for cooking appliances despite the fact that cooking appliances are around 10 times more common!

The best way to avoid this is to smoke only outside in the garden, not indoors. We understand that not everyone is willing to do this, so make sure when you do smoke indoors you make every effort to avoid an accident. Lastly, never smoke in bed, under any circumstances.

Other Electrical Appliances

Around 13% of dwelling fires are a direct result of ‘other’ electrical appliances. This essentially means anything that is not required for cooking, or for heating. This statistic shows that electrical devices are always a potential risk, and it is crucial you use them safely, responsibly, and keep them in full working order.

Appliances such as hair straighteners, curlers, and irons should be used with great care. After you have finished, make sure you switch them off at the wall and leave them somewhere which will not cause a blaze. Additionally, if possible, buy appliances which have safety features such as switching themselves off.

Secondly, keep electrical device chargers away from flammable materials. Do not, for example, leave your phone lying on your bed as it charges. Additionally, make sure to switch it off at the wall whenever it is not in use.

Check Your Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are the ultimate form of defence. Without a fire alarm, there is a good chance you will not become aware of fire until it is too late for your home, and in some cases, for you.

For battery powered fire alarms, a missing or defective battery accounted for 22% of failures. Firstly, under no circumstances should a fire alarm be left without a battery. No matter what other appliance you are going to use, it is not more critical than your alarm.

Check Your Fire Alarms

Secondly, test your fire alarm frequently to make sure that the battery still has power and is still functioning.

It is also worth noting that mains powered alarms completely minimise this risk, and can be an excellent investment.

Around 12-13% of fire alarms fail because the fires occur in an area not covered by the alarm. By putting a fire alarm both downstairs and upstairs can go a long way toward addressing this.

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By following this guide and remaining vigilant, you will significantly reduce the chance that a fire will occur in your home. As you can see, the kitchen is the most critical area, and you should never leave frying oils unattended.

For smokers, make sure you smoke outside whenever possible, and never spark up when you are lying in your bed.

Lastly, keep an eye on electrical appliances and make sure to use them responsibly.

At SSH Fire and Security we can arrive at your home and advise on how you can improve your alarm system. We can then install appropriate products and safeguards for a competitive and reasonable cost.

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