Stop Burglars in Their Tracks- Learn Their Tactics!

Burglar Caught by Home Security System

Stop Burglars in Their Tracks- Learn Their Tactics!

April 10, 2018 9:06 am Published by

Burglars don’t choose their targets at random. Every time they break into a property, they are risking getting caught and sent to prison- so they think long and hard before selecting a home or business to rob. But while this approach helps them to continue their illicit careers, it also means you can use their tactics against them. By educating yourself on how burglars pick their victims, you can ensure you aren’t among them. It’s time to take action and keep your home or business safe and secured- and to help you make the right steps, we’ve put together the following list of the most common tactics used by thieves.

Burglar Caught by Home Security System

An Outdated Home Security System Means an Easy Target- But A New Security System Will Put Thieves Off

Thieves are always on the eye out for an easy target. Naturally, this means they will be more likely to target a property that has no security system whatsoever. However, even if you’ve got one installed, that doesn’t necessarily mean they will stay away. Burglars know their stuff when it comes to security systems, and they’ll be able to spot an outdated one from a mile away. These older systems often have flaws that can be easily exploited by criminals, and the longer you leave them sitting out to rust, the more obvious it is that this system is no longer fit for purpose.

The simplest way of scaring off burglars, though, is to kit your property out with a modern security system. Not only will this should would-be thieves that your home or business isn’t going to be easy pickings, but if they still try their luck regardless, your security system will catch them in the act. From motion sensor CCTV cameras that keep a close eye out for criminals to monitored alarm systems that can alert the police right away, you’ll find a huge range of security solutions here at SSH Fire and Security. We’ll work with you to create a custom security system that’s built around your needs- so you can be certain that your home or business is always secure and protected.

Don’t Leave Valuables Within Easy Reach

It stands to reason that burglars want to get their job done as quickly as possible. If they have to spend time inside a property hunting for valuables, then it increases the risk of them getting caught. On the other hand, if they can simply smash a window and snatch something inside within seconds, then they can often escape before anyone has noticed their crime. Many novice thieves are opportunists who will steal as and when the opportunity arises- so if you want to stop them in their tracks, you’ll need to avoid presenting an easy target.

Obviously, you shouldn’t leave any valuables lying around on your windowsill for anyone to reach out and grab. However, burglars often strike after doing a bit of window shopping, and if you’ve left your lounge filled with tempting tech that will fetch a high price on display, then they might decide to break in. For that reason, it is a good idea to shut your blinds while you are out, to keep your most precious belongings safely out of sight. In addition, you might want to move any smaller items of value into another room before you leave, so that they can’t be seen from the street or the window. On its own, a TV probably won’t be enough to tempt a burglar’s fancy. However, if they can also spot an iPad, a phone, or a laptop that they could easily take as well, then they might not be able to resist trying their luck.

Keep Your Property Monitored While You’re Out

You might think that burglars are most likely to strike at night when they can operate under the cover of darkness. In fact, though, the majority of burglaries take place between 8 AM and 6 PM. That’s because thieves know this is when your home is probably empty, with the family out at work or school. What’s more, your neighbours will typically be away during these hours, too- giving them plenty of time to get to work without being disturbed.

Most serious burglars like to do their homework, to be sure of an easy getaway. They will often pass by a house at the same time every day to scope it out, so a monitored security system can help to stop any suspicious individuals in their tracks. Our security monitoring personnel are always on the lookout for thieves, and if they see anyone acting out of the ordinary, they’ll make a note of it and check to see if they come back. If that’s the case, then it’s likely they are casing your property before they strike- so we’ll get in touch with the police right away.

Don’t Fall Victim to Burglars- Let SSH Fire and Security Help with All Your Security Needs

At SSH Fire and Security, we’re experts in the tactics used by burglars. We have to be- that’s how we know the best ways to keep them out of your property. By taking action against the most common methods used by thieves to break into homes and businesses, we’ll ensure that your home is protected at all times. Our home alarm systems are second to none, and our technicians are all trained to the highest possible standards. This means they can come up with a unique, tailored home alarm system to perfectly suit your needs, and install it all for you. Don’t let burglars break into your house and cause a living nightmare- instead, fight back against their tactics, and rest easy again!