Securing Your Doors from Burglars

Five Methods of Protecting Your Doors

Securing Your Doors from Burglars

March 25, 2019 10:24 am Published by

Smashed windows aren’t the only method of entering your home. Although we often have an image of broken glass when it comes to home burglaries, three in four robberies are attempted through doors, with just under half resulting in a forced lock.

You don’t have to go to great expense to protect your doorways from thieves and burglars though. There are many different methods you can employ that are budget-friendly while being incredibly effective. In this blog, we will explore some techniques.

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Five Methods of Protecting Your Doors

Here are five techniques you can use to protect your property’s entranceways:

  • Add more locks
  • Remove or reinforce glass
  • Lay a gravel path
  • Add a security chain
  • Install and advertise an alarm system

Five Methods of Protecting Your Doors

Lock and Load

One method of increasing home security is, naturally, adding more locks to the door. You will be surprised how many doors can be forced open with a forceful shoulder or kick.

By adding another lock, you will make this much more difficult if not impossible without employing some kind of ram which will cause alarm and commotion that burglars are keen to avoid.

Consider adding a deadlock which can be picked up online for a relatively small cost. These are one of the most effective locks which cannot be broken just by repeatedly bashing the door or by manipulating the springs, as in a normal lock; it will stand strong longer than the door itself.

Reconsider Glass

There is no doubt that glass makes for an attractive door, and it is useful to have a view of what is going on outside. However, it also creates a weak spot that burglars can exploit by breaking the glass, putting their hand inside, and manually unlocking the door.

One option is to upgrade the glass to something incredibly tough. At minimum double-glazing or laminated glass. In an ideal world, it will be triple-glazed, which provides an extra layer of crucial protection. This kind of glass expensive but very effective.

Burglars will struggle to overcome tough glass without an instrument; their elbow won’t cut it. Although this means that a prepared burglar might have the necessary tool, any opportunists will need to seek another method inside.

Gravel Your Path

Some simple gravel leading up to your front or back door is an underrated deterrent. A burglar wants to avoid making noise at all costs and creeping up a paved or mono-blocked path is a straightforward process.

Having gravel will alert you to anyone approaching your home and will put burglars on edge, making it much more likely that any other form of interference will convince them to run off and try somewhere else.

Get a Security Chain

Security chains are underrated. People underestimate the chance that a burglary will happen while you are at home. Keep in mind that it isn’t always obvious that you are home, and there is the chance that the burglar simply won’t care. Inf act, around 30% of burglaries happen when inhabitants are present.

A security chain offers a final layer of protection if they manage to force the door open. Additionally, it allows you to open up to speak to any visitors without the need to compromise your home by opening the door fully.

Advertise Your Security

Making your home less attractive than those around you to burglars is the most important element of home security. You don’t need to create a fortress; you just need to present a challenge that burglars don’t feel the need to try and tackle.

Advertise Your Security

As a result, it helps to advertise your security measures. One of our technicians will advise on home security measures that you can take to give your property comprehensive alarmed protection, which you can then advertise on the outside of our home through alarm boxes and even signs.

By making it clear that you take security seriously, you will tell burglars that there are no easy pickings to be had here. Not only will they have to deal with an alarm, but that you likely follow many other good security practices that will cause them issues.

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