Protecting Your Business from Fire

Be Responsible with Electrical Equipment  

Protecting Your Business from Fire

April 26, 2019 10:00 am Published by

A fire within our business can not only affect us and our staff financially, but they also pose a severe health risk for anyone in or around the building. However, there are many steps that we can take to make sure that our buildings are as protected as possible from the risk of fire.

In this article, we will outline some of the most important tactics that you can employ to help make sure that fire does not minimise the risk of fire. Give us a call now on 0808 164 0280.

Be Responsible with Electrical Equipment  

Electrical faults regularly cause fires throughout the country. A piece of equipment can work flawlessly for decades before suddenly going on the fritz and sparking a blaze which will spread throughout an entire building.

There are two steps you can take to try and combat this;

  • Check Electrical Equipment: By getting each and every electrical device within your business checked regularly, you can make sure that there are no imminent fire problems looming which might lead to a dangerous blaze.
  • Be Responsible: There are good practices and bad practices when it comes to fire security and electrical equipment. Don’t, for example, have ten machines all plugged in at the same point with their wires tangled together in a large knot!

Be Responsible with Electrical Equipment  

Get Fire Extinguishers

When a fire starts, you still have a window of opportunity to get it under control and make sure that it doesn’t spread to the point it isn’t containable. Your best bet in this regard is to have an extinguisher to hand that can be used to beat the fire.

There are numerous different varieties of extinguishers which are all used to fight different types of fires. For example, spraying water on an electrical fire will just make things worse. Make sure that you have every style that might be required in your business.

Additionally, make sure that they are all kept in working order and are in easily accessible locations – there is no point in having an extinguisher if no one is able to find it!

Sprinklers are Key

Sprinkler systems can be used to quench a fire automatically the moment the system detects heat. Essentially, water is sprayed around the location where the fire is detected in order to either put out the flame or at least slow its spread by covering everything in water.

Only sprinklers near the fire will activate as they individually respond when a certain level of heat is reached. This makes sure that water pressure is kept at a maximum ensuring quick and widespread distribution of water.

Sprinklers are a vital line of defence against fire, but again they are useless if they are not maintained. Make sure that you have them regularly checked to guarantee that they react accordingly when they are needed.

Alarm Systems

Again, preventing a fire from starting is the most effective option when it comes to fire control. Otherwise, stopping it from spreading is the second-best thing, and can make sure a minor inconvenience doesn’t turn into a disaster.

A reliable alarm will alert you to the fact there is a problem, which will allow you to do three things;

  • Attempt to deal with the fire yourself
  • Call the emergency services to tackle the blaze
  • Evacuate the building ensuring the safety of staff and customers

At SSH Fire & Security we provide affordable and effective alarm solutions that will provide significant peace of mind due to the fact you know you will be alerted at the earliest opportunity should something go wrong.

We appreciate that every business has different needs and that what might provide the best results in one property will not necessarily work in another company. Our technicians will develop a solution that is tailored to your business alone.

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Overlooking fire safety is a mistake that you cannot afford to make once; not only are you putting your livelihood at risk, but you are also endangering the safety of you, your employees, as well as your clients and customers.

At SSH Fire & Security you can rely on us to offer practical and comprehensive protection against any and all manner of fire or security threat by providing effective alarm and deterrent systems.

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