How CCTV Cameras Influence Crime Rates?

Do CCTV Crimes Prevent Crime?

How CCTV Cameras Influence Crime Rates?

May 10, 2019 11:47 am Published by

Although the answer to whether or not CCTV cameras stop crime might seem to be obviously yes, for whatever reason this is a topic that is still somewhat debated. However, the doubts are nonsensical, and in this article, we will explain precisely why.

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Do CCTV Crimes Prevent Crime?

The short answer is yes, of course, security cameras are a genuine deterrent for would-be criminals that are targeting your property or business. Moreover, they will also help significantly when it comes to the police investigation that follows from a crime that has been committed.

Do CCTV Crimes Prevent Crime?

The first effect that security cameras have is that they will put burglars off by showing that you take security seriously. Not only does it mean that you have CCTV systems in place that can identify burglars, but it suggests there will be various other trials and obstacles inside.

Finally, although this does not mean that a crime will be prevented, there is another positive that cameras provide. After a crime has been committed, CCTV security systems will play a crucial role in the subsequent police investigation.

A surprising and scary number of burglaries and thefts are never solved, and this is almost always down to a lack of evidence. Very often, the crystal-clear images that our camera systems provide will allow the police to identify the perpetrator, often leading to the return of the stolen goods.

What Is the Evidence?

It is all well and good for us to claim that security cameras are in fact effective. Admittedly, we have every reason to say so! However, there are a number of independent researchers who have come to the same finding.

For example, the London Metro police have stated that in a single year they managed to identify over 5000 suspects due to CCTV camera images. Can you imagine how different crime rates would be if there were 5000 more criminals on the streets?

Additionally, the ESA (Electronic Security Association) has found that burglars are in fact very concerned when it comes to cameras. Not only do 83% of burglars inspect a home for cameras before taking action, but 60% of burglars will go elsewhere if they find some.

Some Caveats

The first thing to mention is that in order for CCTV cameras to be effective as a deterrent, burglars need to know that they are there. As such, they should be installed in relatively prominent locations and proper signage broadcasting their existence should also be installed.

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Another ‘fact’ that is falsely repeated by home security ‘experts’ is that security cameras make your home or business a target. The claim is that you are making it clear that you have something to protect, which will interest burglars.

This simply is not true. As mentioned, burglars will regularly keep an eye on a property before they actually decide to carry out a home or business invasion. There are other giveaways, such as your car, or activity, or business type, that are a much clearer giveaway of the potential heist inside.

The fact is that security cameras will affect how attractive a property is as a target for crime, regardless of what the naysayers might falsely claim.

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CCTV cameras work. Statistics and, frankly, common sense both back this up. However, it is vital that these security cameras are not only there, but absolutely reliable. This is where our company comes in.

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