Five Tips to Boost Home Security

Five Tips to Keep Your Home Secure

Five Tips to Boost Home Security

February 1, 2019 10:00 am Published by

The truth about burglaries is that if a professional criminal wants to get in, given enough time, they will likely find a way. The goal is to make things as difficult as possible for them and never to be the most tempting home in an area.

In this blog, we will outline five tips that you can employ in order to ensure your home does not seem like a simple payday for a burglar.

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Five Tips to Keep Your Home Secure

Here are five steps you can take to put burglars off:

  • Upgrade your locks, doors, and windows.
  • Get a security light
  • Hide your valuables, keys, and cash
  • Leave lights on
  • Upgrade your security alarm

Five Tips to Keep Your Home Secure

Upgrade Windows, Doors, and Locks

Many people never truly test the possible entranceways to your home. Although a doorway might feel secure, you would be surprised at how often a quick shoulder barge will break the lock and allow the door to swing open.

Similarly, things like single glazed windows are another weakness. Double glazing can resist a fair amount of damage, yet single glazing can be very easily broken through with just an elbow.

Again, we are not saying that upgrading possible entranceways will make your property impervious to damage, but the longer it takes for a burglar to break in increases the chances they will be caught. Additionally, a would-be robber might simply go and look for an easier heist.

Install a Security Light

As you can imagine, burglars prefer to operate in the shadows. A lovely dimly lit back garden where they can take their time breaking down a door is ideal for them, and if they make a noise, it might not be evident to neighbours what is going on.

A security light will instantly put a burglar’s guard up. By being lit up for all to see, it drastically increases the chance that they will either be caught or become so unnerved they move on elsewhere.

Keep Valuables, Keys, and Cash Hidden

Burglars are generally on a timer. They want to get in and out as quickly as possible in order to reduce the chance they get caught. By keeping things hidden, you will increase the likelihood they don’t find them.

Similarly, leaving a laptop or wallet in plain view from a window can make a tempting site for any robbers. A brand new Mac next to a wad of cash might encourage them to do a quick smash and grab.

Lastly, a common tactic is to steal house keys and make a copy in order to rob a property at a later date. Keep your keys hidden, and if you are burgled, change your locks.

Leave Lights On

If you are out or on holiday, leaving a light on might make it look like you are home. A timer can be even more effective as if anyone is scouting the area they might notice a light going on and off at natural times as if there is someone home.

Leave Lights On

Remember, a burglar might suspect that you are not home and have just left the light on. However, they can be much more definite that a house with no lights on is empty, making it a much more attractive target.

Upgrade Your Security Alarm

The last thing a burglar wants to hear is a home alarm going off. It will draw a considerable amount of attention to your home, and even if no one comes to investigate, anyone hanging around can easily be spotted by a neighbour.

Additionally, although robberies, where people are actually at home, are rarer, there is no better way to be alerted to the situation than to have a home alarm go off.

It is vital that you have a home alarm that you can rely on fully to work each and every time someone trips an alarm. At SSH Fire & Security, you can have absolute faith that our products and service will leave you with an unrivalled system in terms of dependability.

With a number of different options to accommodate the budgets and requirements of every customer, we will work with you to develop a system that works for you.

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