Door Entry Systems – The Next Step in Security

The Advantages of a Door Entry System

Door Entry Systems – The Next Step in Security

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Locks do a reasonably decent job when it comes to stopping chance-taking and opportunistic burglars from getting into your home. However, they do not pose much of a challenge to professional criminals. In fact, many can have a lock broken or picked in a matter of moments.

Modern door entry systems provide a new level of security that will provide a serious challenge for even the most seasoned burglars. For more information or to schedule your free security schedule, give us a call today on 0808 164 0280.

The Advantages of a Door Entry System

Again, locks are a fantastic security feature that is invaluable for security from your suitcase to lockboxes and, of course, doors and windows. However, they are a potential weakness for professional and skilled burglars.

Door access control panels, on the other hand, take away this potential weakness. Instead of a key, there is a numerical control panel which you will enter by using a code. This means that there is no lock to break or pick – you have to know the code to get inside.

However, they are also incredibly convenient. Let’s say you have an office with 30 people coming and going at various times. Having thirty keys cut is not only expensive but presents a real security risk – someone is going to lose one at some point, and it will likely be a regular occurrence.

Instead, you can just give everyone the numerical code. Not only does this save in the cost of having keys cut and recut every time one is lost, but by changing the code regularly, you can make sure that the door stays as secure as possible.

The Advantages of a Door Entry System

The Benefits of Remote Access

Another incredibly convenient feature of this type of door is the ability to add an intercom system. This means that a security guard, secretary, or any other member of staff can speak to any visitors from their desk before letting them in remotely.

This means that the member of staff responsible for the door can control the door comfortably from their desk, allowing them to focus on their work rather than getting up and down to deal with visitors.

Additionally, it allows you to control exactly who gets inside. No one wants to spend five minutes dealing with a salesman peddling a product or service that you have no interest in. Make sure they don’t get a chance to distract anyone!

A Video Door Entry System?

As good and useful as intercoms are, certain individuals might be bold enough to lie or tell half-truths to get inside. In extreme cases, people might even pretend to be someone else in order to get through the door.

Video security systems can help to offset this risk. A camera at the door entry system will allow the person in charge of the door to see exactly who is outside before making the decision of whether or not to let them in.

Another option is to link up a CCTV camera to a monitor that can show the front door on a screen, still allowing the member of staff behind the desk to keep track of outside activity.

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