Can Pests Cause House Fires?

Can Pest Species Cause Fires?

Can Pests Cause House Fires?

May 24, 2019 10:00 am Published by

You might have heard that rodents can be the cause of house fires within your home or business. This might sound relatively unbelievable; you might be surprised to find out the truth.

In this blog, we will outline how pests can cause fire-related issues within your property, as well as why a reliable home fire alarm is vital when it comes to protecting yourself and your home or business.

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Can Pest Species Cause Fires?

The short answer is yes; rodents are a genuine risk when it comes to property fires, and it should not be taken lightly.

Can Pest Species Cause Fires?

Rodents can start fires in two key ways, both involving electrical equipment:

Gnawing: All rodents have large and ever-growing incisors that they need to keep under control by chewing on materials. One of their favourites is the rubber casing on electrical wires which they will strip off, exposing the wiring underneath.

Not only will this break electrical equipment, but it can cause them to malfunction, but it will also present a fire risk. Without the rubber insulation, the wires could spark a fire at any moment, and you might have no idea there is anything awry at all.

Faulty electrical equipment is a serious fire hazard, and rodents are responsible for a lot of issues that will eventually lead to fires.

Nesting: Rodents also commonly make their way inside electronics in order to make a sheltered home. Things like washing machines are common targets for rodents, as they are large and can easily accommodate a nest.

However, this nesting material can quickly interfere with the electrical machine. In the best case, the device will stop working, but in other cases, it will spark a blaze which can spread throughout the property.

How to Deal with Pest-Related Fires

One method of reducing the chance of a rodent-related fire is to call in a pest control company to implement measures to reduce the chance you ever have an infestation at all. However, naturally, this is not a service we provide.

What we can help with are fire security systems which will help to protect you and your home from the blaze itself.

Firstly, we can install fire alarms which will reliably provide an early warning whenever they detect increased smoke or heat. The alarms vary and can either just alert anyone within the building or surrounding area to the problem, or even automatically call the fire brigade.

Getting an early alert means that you can get every inhabitant of the building as quickly as possible, making sure they are protected from the fire.

Another option is a sprinkler system, which can help to contain blazes in a commercial environment. Whenever a fire is detected in a building, the sprinklers will activate, dousing the area of the property where heat is caught in a blanket of water.

This can help to stop the fire before it even gets going, minimising damage and ensuring that all building inhabitants are kept as safe as possible.

We also offer attentive and skilled maintenance that will make sure your alarm is always fully functional and ready to go in the unfortunate event of a fire within your property. You cannot afford to take chances when it comes to fire safety, so make sure you employ a company that you can trust.

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