Five Tips to Secure Your Home

There is no replacement for a solid SSH Fire & Security intruder alarm system and reliable CCTV cameras. Nonetheless, there are many other techniques and tricks you can use to make your home even more secure.

In this blog, we will outline our top tips for making sure burglars leave your home well alone.

Top 5 Tips for Making Your Home Secure

  • Don’t advertise the fact you are away on holiday over social media.
  • Have a neighbour park in your driveway while you are abroad.
  • Organise CCTV camera installation around your property.
  • Leave televisions and lights on while you are out.
  • Upgrade to secure doors and windows.

Top 5 Tips for Making Your Home Secure

  1. Keep Your Holidays Discrete

Burglars are very unlikely to try and break in while they think you are at home. While it does happen, it is far from the ideal situation for crooks, and often you and the burglar will both get a fright!

With this in mind, you need to make sure that when you go on holiday, you do not announce it to the world. By all means post pictures from your trip, but if you are leaving your home empty while away you should wait until you are back.

You never know whom you have on social media and which prying eyes are looking over their shoulder. Never announce to the world that your home is just waiting to be entered and robbed.

  1. Try and Fill Your Driveway

Similar to the last point, an empty driveway can be a good giveaway that you are not in your home; an attractive sight for burglars. If you are on holiday and have taken your car, either to the airport or away with you, you might want to ask your neighbour to help out.

Speak to your neighbours before going away and ask them to use your driveway if they do not mind. Having a car in your driveway will ring alarm bells for any burglar, especially if they are ‘scouting’ your home and see it coming and going.

  1. Acquire CCTV Cameras and Advertise Them

CCTV cameras are a fantastic method of securing your home from burglars. While they can provide a record of what happened after a robbery has taken place, they will in many cases stop theft from taking place altogether.

Remember, burglars want an easy job. The minute they get caught is the minute they stop making money. Making your home secure is about making it a less attractive prospect for thieves than the other properties around you. Having cameras shows you are conscious about security and will make your house very unattractive to burglars.

If you do get CCTV cameras installed, make sure you advertise it. Putting up signs will show burglars that you mean business. Make sure you get them installed correctly and effectively by getting in touch with SSH Fire & Security on 0808 164 0280.

  1. Leave a Television or Lights on When You Are Out

Once again, anything you can do to trick burglars into thinking you are home is a good move. One of the best ways of achieving this is to leave a light on, or your television. Ideally, burglars will assume that someone is home and move on to greener pastures.

This method likely is a trick they are well-acquainted with, but at the same time, it isn’t worth the risk when with a little patience they can find a property that they are sure is empty. Remember, anything you can do to make your home less attractive to thieves is worthwhile.

To take this security technique a step further, invest in socket timers. These are especially useful if you plan on being out of your home for an extended period of time. You can programme these machines to give power to a lamp or television at regular intervals, giving the illusion of activity within the home.

  1. Upgrade Doors and Windows

Burglars don’t want a challenge. The longer they spend outside your property trying to get inside, the more significant the risk of them getting caught. Ideally, they want a window they can just climb in, or a door they can discretely force open.

Upgrade Doors and Windows

Interviews with burglars have confirmed that solid well-secured doors are very off-putting, and quality uPVC windows with double glazing are often more trouble than they are worth to get through. Having these in your home could well encourage burglars to move along and look elsewhere.

However, remember that these security measures will stand for nothing if you are not careful. Make sure your windows remain locked whenever possible and lock your front door at all times. You can have the most secure door in the world, but it will swing open like any other if you don’t use the lock.

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